Peard Finance

Short Term Finance

Short term loans are similar to an online unsecured personal loan and are typically required to cover an unexpected bill or buy something that was not planned.

A Short Term loan is designed to have the loan approved and repaid quickly, minimising the cost to the consumer, while also ensuring that repayments are affordably structured. The repayment terms range from a few months up to 12 months and are always governed by ensuring that the loan amount meets your needs and that the repayments are affordable.

What Are Short Term Loans?

  • They are personal loans from $500 up to $5000.

  • It can be secured or unsecured.

  • It caters for clients with good and bad credit history.

  • It is needed quickly, for a short amount of time and can be used for any personal use.

  • It is structured to be affordable for the borrowers circumstance

What Can I Use Short Term Loans For?

This type of finance can be used for any personal use such as:

  • Bills.

  • Unexpected expenses.

  • Car repairs

  • School fees.

  • Purchases.

  • Cash flow shortfalls.

  • Bonds/moving expenses.


1. Identification documents such as:

  • Drivers licence.

  • Australian or New Zealand Passport.

  • Medicare card

  • ATM card.

  • One utility bill (gas, electricity, telephone) or rent receipt confirming your address.

2. Assessment documents such as:

  • 2 months of bank statements showing your name and address

  • A recent payslip

  • Registration documents (if you are buying a car/motorbike or using vehicle as security)